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Mega Millions is not the most popular lottery because of the number of millions it distributes among its winning players. Just a few days ago, in Arizona, United States, the biggest prize of this lottery was awarded to a man who bought this lottery ticket from a pharmacy. The prize figure is quite overwhelming, the well was around $ 410,000,000 and was awarded to a single winner, who today can dedicate himself to enjoying life without major financial concern. This man became a millionaire playing Mega Millions overnight. In this article you can know everything about the most popular lottery in the world and you have this lottery, your favorite. allows players from all over South America and the world to participate in this great lottery, known in the Spanish language as: Mega Millions.

Learn more about the Mega Millions lottery

Mega Millions or Mega Million is an American lottery that was created 24 years ago and throughout its great trajectory, it has been increasing its prizes, so that they are the most attractive on the market. In 1996, it was known as The Big Game, but since 17 years ago it changed its logo and name as it is currently known: Mega Millions Lottery. On the other hand, the minimum amount was increased for the first category of prizes and the remaining 8 categories as well, being able to reach up to US $ 5,000,000 in the second category, according to the prize table of this lottery.

This lottery is present in 44 of the 50 States of the North American country and in many countries around the world. And, also, it can be played by anyone in a very simple way. The main objective of this lottery is to reach the trillion dollars as Mega Ball (jackpot), a number that has been surpassed by its competition; Poweball, who distributed US $ 1,500,000,000.

How to play Mega Millions?

Playing the Mega Millions lottery is very simple, within the game, you will notice a first row consisting of 5 game columns, for each of them you must select 5 numbers from the first box that contains the boxes numbered from 1 to 75, and another number extra, called Mega Ball in the second box between boxes 1 and 15.

The choice can be made manually by clicking on the desired numbers, or it can also be done randomly, allowing the system itself to choose the 5 + 1 numbers on the ticket.

At we allow you to play with all the tickets you want, since you can select as many rows with tickets as you need. The more tickets you buy, the more chances of winning you have. Please note that buying tickets at is 100% safe.

How to win in Mega Millions?

To win in this lottery you must match the 5 main numbers +1 additional number, with this you will become a billionaire player of the Mega Millions lottery, acquiring a millionaire pot. But, that is not the only way to win, if you hit only the 5 main numbers, you can win the secondary prize that exceeds one million dollars!

Also, we offer you the random selection method to speed up the process, however, you can review the results of previous draws to see which numbers have won more and less frequently in this lottery.

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When are the draws held?

Mega Millions draws take place twice a week:

  • Wednesday 3:00 am. UTC
  • Saturdays 3:00 am. UTC

At we allow you to access the results of your favorite lotteries almost instantaneously, you just have to enter and click on the “Results” section, where you can see the results of all the categories by the countries in which it is drawn. In this way, you can immediately see if the highest category prize is yours.

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Mega Millions

Mega Millions