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Lotto tickets

What does “quick-pick” mean?

The “quick-pick” tool allows you to fill in your ticket with random numbers.

What does the “Pending” message displayed in the next draw countdown box mean?

This message is displayed in the countdown box when the tickets for the next draw are no longer being sold and the system is waiting for the draw results.

What does the “tickets for the nearest draw are no longer available” message mean?

This message means that the tickets for the nearest draw are not being sold anymore. Sales of tickets for the nearest draw ends approximately two hours before the draw. You can find the detailed information on the sales hours in point 5 of Terms of Use.

What does the number of lines means?

In other words, this is the number entries (sets of numbers) you want to participate with in the particular draw.

What is the Multi Draw?

Multi draw is an option where you can play from 2 to 10 future draws. You can play the next 10 draws without the need to enter every day. The more future draws you play, the greater discount you will have!

Where can I check the ordered tickets?

To check the tickets you have ordered, please proceed to the user panel and click “My tickets” tab.